Enos, a Brooklyn native, born November 1982 is currently the Executive Administrator for The Cataclysm. Enos is no stranger to strife and at times feels he knows it all too well. At an early age he had to battle bad judgment and depression. "My choices in 'friends' and poorly set priorities left me a shell of my former self." His lack of judgment left him burying peers and faced with severe depression. To top things off, while writing for a Rap group ("they deserve no mention") he realized that his talents as an artist were being exploited.The lack of artistic freedom and the loss of loved ones sent Enos into the bleakest time of his life. "I thank my family for pulling me out of it... I've made my peace with the God of Death."

These days his focus is on promoting The Cataclysm, Mauri (the singer under his belt), and J-Skillz (M. C. with amazing potential and member of The Cataclysm). Working like a man possessed, he will not stop 'til the world knows these names. What's next for Enos? "I will be to Hip-Hop what Theloneous and Dizzy were to Jazz."

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