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News & Events

October 6th, 2003

Peace Peoples!! It's your main man Prolific back to web editing after a very busy, tumultuous, and productive half year. The Cataclysm has flourished in many ways as a group, and we have taken the past half year to concentrate on our individual projects. Since the last web update in January, we have performed as a group or as individuals in several colleges, appeared on various tours, and are near finishing a bevy of solo projects. The Marxman appeared on a special episode of BET's Lyric Cafe that paid tribute to Arethra Franklin, and participated in a competition judged by Nikki Giovanni. He is currently recording his album, The Next Movement which is being produced by Algorithm from UV, Substantial, and others. Marxman has also been featured in numerous Big Mouth Bouts, where he currently stands undefeated. He has also been a featured slammer at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, and is currently in the semi-finals. Chameleon has launched Trackstar Producitons, a hip-hop production company which has allowed him to maximize his skills as an independent producer. He is also working on wrapping up his solo debut. Prolific completed his first self-published chapbook, Explosion of a Dream Deferred, and is establishing a distribution network for himself. Prolific has been immersed in arts based community activism through Blackout Arts Collective as their Assistant Program Coordinator. During the summer, he performed on the New York and DC legs of the Lyrics on Lockdown Tour-- a national tour slamming the prison industrial complex. His participation in this tour provided him wiht the opportunities to perform at Riker's Island Correctional Facility in Queens, NY, Oakhill Juvinile Detention Center in Laurel Md, DC's Bar Nunn, Cafe Mawanaj and Mango's. He recently participated in his first Friday night Nuyorican Slam, following in the footsteps of Marxman and Anacaona. Anacaona had a very successful slam season at Nuyorican which earned her a place as an alternate on the cafe's 2003 National Poetry Slam Team. Jskillz also appeared on the Lyrics on Lockdown Tour, and has become an active Blackout member. He is currently working on his debut album, and is the President of The Movement, a club he founded at Hunter College to encourage and develop the artistry of college students, and give them the opportunity to shine. Darkside is currently building his professional studio, and will be providing production services.

This website may not have been updated for some time, but by all means the Cataclysm has not gone anywhere, and we are only going to grow stronger. The World is Our Stage. We Own It.

January 5th, 2003

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all didn't get too drunk, and weren't busy getting lost or painting the town red. The Cataclysm's Album officially dropped in early November, and copies are availible for order and sale. For more information, contact us at

Recently, I created an account, and am being charted by the number of times my work is streamed or downloaded. What does that mean? CLICK HERE AND PLAY MY MUSIC. *ahem* Please. Thank you.

Our srping tourdates and appearences will be up as soon as we finish compiling them, so stay tuned. Cataclysm has many new faces, and the site will soon reflect these individuals and their talents. Also stay tuned for info on our new collective members, Anacaona, Brown Rane, and Razor Caine, and their upcoming links on the collective page. We also have new staff as well, so I'll be a busy bee with updates over the next few weeks. A fresh new site design in currently in the works, so don't get too attached to this format...

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The Next Movement Tour

Hunter College

Sept. 26th

Baruch College

Oct. 18th

Blackout 5th Anniversary

Nov. 2nd

Cornell University

November 8th

Marymount College

Nov 15th

"Prolific, why the #@$!
am I not on the webpage yet?"
--Susana, hostess/staff member

October 28th, 2002

Well, this much needed update has one major purpose: to announce The Cataclysm's affiliation with the grass-roots organization, Blackout Arts Collective. I've been a member for a month and half now, and The Cataclysm crew will be performing on saturday, Nov 2nd, to celebrate Blackout's 5th anniversary.

Blackout Arts Collective (BAC) was founded in 1997 in NYC with the mission of empowering communities of color through the arts, education and activism. BAC is comprised of artists and activists who utilize and advocate self -expression, communication and collaboration as means of empowerment. Today, BAC is a national organization with 7 chapters, including NY, Boston, Philly, New Haven, Houston...

The 5th Anniversary show is on November 2nd, at the Live From the Edge Theatre (740 Garrison Avenue, Bronx, NY--corner of Manida & Garrison Ave). The cost of admission is $8, and the doors open promptly @ 7:30. I hope to see you all there.



October 10th, 2002

So I haven't updated the site in a LONG time (other than posting tour dates). I have been a naughty webmaster... ladies... punish me. On a more serious note, the Cataclysm's college tour, The Next Movement, started on September 26th, and has been quite a success. Our next show is going to be at Baruch College on October 18th. All non-Baruch students that would like to attend MUST e-mail me at to be placed on the guest list. Its already filling up, so act quickly... the list is first come, first serve.



August 28th, 2001

After 7 weeks, Mind Orgy has come to a close. The Cataclysm learned much from having the opportunity to host its own poetry series, however all good things come to an end. We would like to thank all of the open mic poets, audience members, and our produciton crew for supporting us. Keep checking back to this site for updates regarding our future endeavors, including our College Tour, featured performances, and the eventual ressurection of our poetry series in Brooklyn (we're still shopping for a viable location).


Chameleon in the booth...

August 25th, 2002

So the 20th was a HUGE success. Despite power problems early in the evening, we got everything (but the a/c) powered up, and had a wonderful show. At the Plantation, we had roughly 100 people, 12 DOPE open mic artists, *fresh* performances from the Cataclysm, and 4 spotlight artists. Closing out the show was Substantial, an underground MC/producer/beatboxer who has toured Japan, the US, and teaches Hip-Hop culture to kids in their schools (why couldn't i have classes like that). Thanks to all the open-mic participants, spotlight artists, and audience members for coming out.

In other news, the 30th of this month marks the begining of the Hunter College semester... which means that we'll be stepping up a notch. Ladies and gentlemen... stay tuned for news on the Cataclysm Fall 2002 College Tour. I'm out of here like George Bush at a Free Mumia Rally.


The Webmaster doing the P-Walk
(Pro's walk)... "Long Beeeach!"

August 12th, 2002

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: On August 20th (next Tuesday), The Cataclysm will be hosting a FREE SHOW at the Plantation. That's right folks, you heard it here first... the Back to School Jumpoff is now OFFICIAL. Yes, put that $5 back in your pocket (or better yet, drink it at the bar), and engage in our first ever FREE [MIND] ORGY. Expect a sizzling open mic, and an evening full of collaborative performances from the group. That's right... our first new set of collabos since April 11th,and boy have we been busy in the lab. So grab your friends, get a drink, and come celebrate the end of summer with an evening of mental stimulation (and physical too... after party...hahahahahha) with us @ the Plantation.

--The Cataclysm