It seems that nowadays every group has one obscure member. And in honor of obscure group members everywhere, Darkside is The Cataclysm’s very own enigmatic member. Russell may not be the most public figure of the group but his talents on and off stage cannot be denied. Russell is already making moves in the poetry circuit and has made appearances at the world famous Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Bar 13, and The Bowery Poetry Club. This past summer he was a part of the Cataclysm’s series at The Plantation.

Aside from poetry, this Hunter College undergrad knows that versatility is the key to success. Darkside, aside from being a phenomenal poet, has embodied the performing arts into one, living, breathing being. Darkside is a young visual artist whose talent can only be described as breath taking. His dominance of art is much like his love of poetry. It doesn’t matter if its art on stage or art on canvas, Darkside has something for everyone. Speaking of something for everyone, there is one discipline that has yet to be touched on. Darkside contributes to the group in a variety of ways. One very important way is his abilities as a producer. His music covers much ground and leaves everyone more than satisfied. His catalogue contains straight underground Hip-Hop, serious rock and beats to compliment his poetry style. The music he produces is sure to open up as many minds as doors for his career. Be on the lookout for vocals from Darkside.

The multifaceted artist known to many only as Darkside is a name to keep in your radar. In an industry where you typically cannot find talent on multiple spectrums of the artistic and performance worlds, Darkside is one that breaks all barriers. Whether poetry, visual arts, production, sining, or spoken word, only one name will be needed to associate it with all categories, that name is Darkside. The Cataclysm is more than happy to introduce him to the world.

So alone with my world,empty without words
The glass is far beyond empty it is broken.
My one hand clapping is unheard,
As I fall in the forest of others.
The nightmare writes poetry
Never sleeping to dream,
My soul is lost to desire.
These demons want to see the skies
Under and past the fire.
Time doesnt pass through my life,
The sand falls dead at my heels.
Im numb to all love,
But Id die just so I can feel.
My heart laughs through,
All that remains is my echo.
Left to wonder in the vaccum
And I cant allow myself to let go.

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