The 1981 Libra-Scorpio known as Prolific was born an only child, and raised in Uniondale NY (Long Island). In Middle School, he wrote poetry for a required class project, and his mother submitted them to poetry contests. He didn't win a single dime, but was published in 7 anthologies at the age of 12, making him the youngest in each volume. The death of André, his 12 year old 1st cousin & artistic comrade the same year caused him to eventually write what he considers to be his first real poem.

Prolific’s power emanates from his inspiring words. He stands as The Cataclysm’s energetic political and social critic, hurling a verbal fist in the face of American and global injustices. Through his work, he intends to provoke thought, educate, heal, and uplift without being limited to the soapbox. A versatile poet, he also touches on the realities which cause turmoil in the human soul, love, spirituality, and perseverance. Prolific is a regular at Bar 13's "a little bit louder" poetry series, and has his eye is set on qualifying for the National Poetry Slam in the near future. He is also a member of Blackout Arts Collective, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower communities of color and struggle through education, activism, and the arts.

After a stage name identity crisis that lasted nearly six months, Timothy chose to dub himself "Prolific" because he prides himself on making people think, promoting self-examination, social consciousness, empathy, and change. He plans on using his gift to further his aspirations as an Africana studies & English professor, though he plans on achieving artistic notoriety long before he is employed by any college or university. The book of poetry he is currently working on he plans to release in 2004. He seeks to live out the true meaning of his name (Timothy means "honoring God"), and dedicates all of his work to the Lord, his family, and the ancestors.

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