October 18th, 2002

The Next Movement Tour is officially in progress. We blew up Hunter College on September 26th... yet another fire hazard (my apologies to the fire marshall). Baruch is getting knocked off the hinges tonight.... HOLLA


September 11, 2002 @ 2 something in the morning:

First I'd like to express my condolenses to anyone who knows someone who lost their live one year ago. I was fortunate enough to only be able to say I knew someone who knew someone, but unfortunately we were not all so fortunate. Second, I'd like to shout Tim out for doing a good job updating the site. Third, I'd like to wish everyone who has started school back a good luck. Fourth and finally, I'd like to say to everyone whose ever disrespected James or Jskillz; F-U-S-M-D.

Monday, August 12, 2002

I just finished reading Ilyasah Shabazz's book, Growing Up X. Those who know me realize that I have a voracious appetite for reading, and may not find it a surprise that I read the book in two days. However, finishing a memoir in two days is something special, particularly when it is a text related to the Shabazz family. The most amazing thing about this book is that I found it to be as inspiring and empowering as her father's work, though I do realize that women can walk away with more from the text then men. Brothers, this is not to say don't go read the book. The fact that a woman can recieve more from the text by no means makes this a "girly book," or the textual equivelent of a "chick flick." For women of color in particular, the text is a shining example of finding the courage to believe in your own self-worth and overcome great obstacles. I recommend this book to ANYONE. You walk away with an intimate look at the Shabazz family, and are offered a peek at the Malcolm & Betty that you never knew. Its rivoting. One of the most important things this book did for me was to demystify the Shabazz family, and appeal to the humanity in us all. Go buy it. Now.

In other news, I'm taking the week off from performing. I need some time to meditate, handle personal business, and be with my family. I'll see you all on the 20th.


Thursday, August 1, 2002 2:30pm

Wow, it's been a crazy 5 months. The Cataclysm isn't even half a year old and I feel as if my life has completely changed, and it has. I mean, change is what a cataclysm does, after all. I know the guys are going to get tired of me saying this, but they are the most talented brothers I've ever met. When I saw these dudes at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe that fateful night, I sense a great feeling of untapped strength when Prolific, Darkside, and Chameleon entered the room. If anybody knows me, you're well aware that I think of everything as a business opportunity. If they were tremendously powerful individually, imagine what they can do together? I received headaches just thinking about it. I was just beginning to write again, but nowhere near confidant enough to jump on a stage. It wasn't until an open mic at Hunter College, that I decided to go for it. Prolific and another young man by the name of J-skillz afterwards approached me and encouraged my work. Hanging out in the African Students Union, I was introduced to the art of freestlying by observing two gentlemen who go by the names of Chameleon and Dex. I fumbled a lot at first- actually I still do, but they opened me up to a skill that I didn't know that I had. Hip-hop is now a strong element in my repertoire. I owe what I do now to these men. If they hadn't given me that vote of confidence, I'd just be another businessman behind great talent. Now I'm involved by far the most gratifying time of my life. Words cannot express my gratitude. Let's do this, brothaz.

-The MarXman

Wednesday, July 31, 2002 1:00 pm

So last night at the show, J. Simone & I performed the piece we wrote together. Afterward, J-lotion & Minie Me (Jskillz & the MarXman) decided to show me how much they liked the piece by dragging me into the staircase and jumping me. Those kidney punches were not fair... but I'm ok. The piece was well recieved by everyone else. Yes. J. Simone is that friggin talented that people get jealous when someone else gets to work with her... NEXT WEEK--- another banging show is being prepared. I may even write some NEW shit for it. How about that. Anywayz, I'm off... I talked y'all to death yesterday (the 3 of you who read



Tuesday, July 30, 2002 4:04 am

After some time away (vacationing with my pillow instead of webmastering...ok that sounds bad... but who cares, i'm too tired to hit delete), your friendly n'hood webmaster is back to share his jibba jabba in the journal (who reads this thing? i'm begining to wonder...). Yes...another show tonight... yes, it will be BANGING... yes... all of the BOLD ITALIC formatting is necessary in the club link. Damn it. Yes, it's 4:04 in the am, and I'm really tired but typing because I have nothing better to do with my insomnia.

Ah yes... that's what I was getting to... THE POINT. Here we go. I'm reeeaaalllly excited about this new piece that I co-wrote with J. Simone (yaaaaaaaaay!), and its preceeding online Haiku war that she and I duked out over aol instant messenger (we love technology). And since all of you catafans out there seem to love the website... how would you feel about interactive materials? MULITImedia even? Posted poetry? a place where you can post YOUR poetry? Hmmm. These are thoughts. Guess what... check back here in a day or two... I'm going to sleep, and when I have insomnia tomorrow night after the show, I'll put up a poll to let you, the viewers decide. If no one takes my poll, I'll just decide for you. This will become an autocratic website (like its not already... so much for democracy).

Off to facist sleep,


Monday July 22, 2002 5:08AM

First, I would like to apologize to the peeps are the first show for not performing "whole" songs. I had a lot on my hands DJing setting-up, promoting, and organizing. I will try to perform all my rap joints A.S.A.P. What I do guarantee to the people though, is New poetry pieces every show. That is the least I can do. And also John Blazing music too shake yah phatties too... (Those who lack in the ass-area can just shake their hips and legs). I'm looking forward to each show as I know it will be better than the last. All I need now are bigger and bigger audiences to share the experience with me.

Now time for the "BIG-UPS". J-Skillz for bitching about my "non-WHOLE" songs, and inspiring me to set aside a lil time to perfect them. Also, for representing on the stage for the Cataslysm, doing it like it's just what he does. Darkside for making me travel to his house to carry his "HEAVY" Mic stand and mic for him. You know it's not a "ONE PERSON" job. And also for sparking up during set-up, talking to all the good looking chicks while others are working and sweating. Hey, I'd like to chill with the Fantastic HOT Gorgeous females that were at our last show too... =0(. MarXman for having everyone smoke their finger tips, and for showing up. The Senuous Cindy "stillmatic" Cipla, for colelcting the dough, guarding the door, helping me out with the music and performing a wonderful piece. Wow, not that's more then some members did lol. Tim for sharing my stress, cause it stinks to be stressed alone. And for representing on the Stage with the Spoken word. He always tears it down. And for promoting and doing his thing with the Web Site... and for bringing the sexy, talented J-Simone. J-Simone for tearing the place down wit her poetic pieces and sexy voice. Yes, I'll admit.......... I'm a... Groupie. She reminds me what I find so attractive about female poets. Plus she can sing... I think I'll stop here before I say some shit I shouldn't say. All that know me know I would lol... I'm Out. Remember to come to the booth and show the DJ some Cataclysmic love.



Thursday, July 18, 2002

It has been two days since opening night and I'm still gettin' good vibes from everyone that went and have seen the video tape. Hmm.... is it safe to say we got a hit on our hands. i'll say so. Summer school is over for me and I'm pretty damn happy about it. No more papers, no more features, no more lectures from monotoned teachers. To all those that stop by our site on the regular be warned: THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! If you thought that Tuesday night's show was off the FREAKIN' MEAT RACK.... then become regulars and see just how far we can take this.

For all my poets in the audience that wouldn't bless the stage, I'm upset. I am aware of just how many of ya'll there were and I am offended that ya'll ain't wanna talk to me... (tear)but i'll be fine. Anyway ya'll see we nurture talent so dont be shy, spit, and we'll give you props for your effort.



Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Well the show was pretty good for the first night. Chameleon did his thing as a poet/ dj/ rapper, I just want Chameleon to do more songs because I feel like the crowd is more taking to full songs rather than freestyles. I don't want Cameleon to blend in with the other dudes that come to our shows and just freestyle (no disrepect to them). But he still did his thing. Prolific wet a couple of panties, Marxman wet his own, Darkside--well Darkside will be Darkside. Overall I'm proud of my performance. I did my new party joint without messing up once considering I wasn't sure if I had it fully memorized. Anyone reading this journal who is a regular supporter of the Cataclysm, please remind me to bring my proper CD's to the show each week, and I'll love you eternally for it.

Anyway, there's a lot more i could say-big shot out to all the open mic poets, rappers, and my man H20. Most importantly, shot out to my home girl J-Simone--girl I'd have to be a damn fool to not accept your voice on a track of mine--we'll talk more mama. Anyway for those of ya who didn't make it, like I always say, I'm not upset @ you; I feel bad for you. BTB


Sunday, July 14, 2002

So we have 3 days until the show. Am I nervous? Sort of, but I'd compare what I'm feeilng now to what I felt 4 days before my first day as a transfer student @ Hunter. Tired, bored, prepared, and simultaneously eager to prove myself. Over the past 1 & a half weeks, I needed a vactation from being Prolific. There were days I violated that vacation, but overall I attended to Timothy business. I haven't done that enough lately. So I'm registered for summer classes @ Baruch now. Being Timothy is interesting these days. I loathe my weekends--working 16-20 hrs on weeekends can do that to you. I actually celebrate the coming of Mondays. Only that celebration will have to be deferred now. I have school. Its all about Wednesdays & Fridays now. Damn it.

So I watched Def Poetry last night with mom... and Bassey was on doing her thing. She is one of the most soulful performance poets to grace the stage. My spirit stands at attention when I hear her poetic voice... her stage presence is phenomenal. Its performers like Bassey, Taylor Mali, Osageyfo, Lynne Procope, Marty McConnell, and a host of others who embody what I believe the true power of the art to be--expression, poingance, and resonance. Much luv to y'all. There I go being deep & sappy again. Next time... I'll let my "Slim" persona write an entry. It'll probaby be about smacking dumb muthafuckas with extention cords & surge protectors.


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